My Favorite Music:
What on my plate Recently:
DJ Shadow
Johnny Cash r.i.p.
Jack Johnson
Black Eyed Peas
String Cheese Incident
The Thievery Corporation
Hotel Costes

The Orb
Hotel Costes
DJ Shadow
Paul Oakenfold
Carl Cox
Thievery Corporation
Kruder & Dorfmeister

Beastie Boys
Tribe Called Quest
The Roots
Jurassic 5
Digable Planets
Black Eyed Peas

Guns & Roses
Bon Jovi
Jane's Addiction

Jazz, Funky Instrumental
Medeski, Martin & Wood (Pictuted to the left)
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
Weather Report

Mozart Sonatas
Chopin Nocturnes
Bach's Brandenburg
Danny Elfman
Symphonie Fantastique

Jazz Standards
Miles Davis
John Coltrane
Billie Holiday
Louie Armstrong
Wes Montgomery
Glen Miller
Duke Ellington
Jaco Pastorious

Fleetwood Mac
Steely Dan
Sly and the Family Stone
Pink Floyd
The Doors
Led Zeppelin

Again, there is something missing about a concert where you leave without sweat coming down your face.  Music should make you move.  Although plagued with different stereotypes and misconceptions, these bands play incredible music.  They paint, illustrate, and they are masters of team work.  They create songs with soul and know how to shape each song to each particular audience... and it's an event that is best live and up close.
It's new, experimental.  It's a lost deer in a big city, but it is finding roots and attracting some real musicians.  Most of all, it's fun, there is no better music for working up a sweat, and it's alive.  It's very alive if your in the right environment: A good DJ, and people with open ears and minds.
Mixed Elements:
Primus (awesome web site)
Brand New Heavies
G Love and Special Sauce

Singers and Songwriters
Simon and Garfunkel
Jack Johnson
Jim Croce
Frank Sinatra
Joni Mitchell
Carole King
Sarah McLachlan
Billy Joel
Bob Dylan

Study the past to learn the future.  It is not only important to learn from the past masters, but it is also very enjoyable.  Sometimes the last thing in the world I feel like doing is dancing, and that is when I listen to these sweet melodies and distinctive sounds of the past. 
Pretty much my whole middle school career I dreamed of starting a beastie boys cover band.  In fact I still do...  Q-Tip is the father.  The Roots are groovin'.  DP is life, NAS is reality, Pharcyde is smoking, Jurassic 5 And BEP our my new love; and Jazzmatazz had only one good album, but a classic.
These bands are some of my most beloved.   They are new, innovative, and don't fit into any other category.  They take elements from many places and fuse it into one.  But they all got groove, soul, and funk.  They all combine a couple of different styles too, which I dig.
This is definetly one of my favorite categories because it falls into the larger pool of: Music you can shake your ass to.  It is also one of my favorites, because this is the music I love to play.  These bands represent the masters of their instruments.  You don't get better chops than these guys.  Everytime I pick up my bass I dream of being in one of these bands.  It's also new, and although I might cherish the old, I prefer new.